For a return under Warranty, please contact our Support Team

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By email: info@epginformatique.com
PLEASE NOTE: You must keep the shipping box and the Styrofoam protectors. Otherwise, you will need to acquire proper protective and shipping materials at your own cost. Should you fail to properly protect the item you are returning, the Warranty will not be honored.

EPG warranty on new computers:

Shipping to and from you at our expense when repairs are made for the entire warranty period.

Repair/replacement of parts and labor at no charge.

Free remote diagnosis and repair when possible, only in case of a part failure.

Warranties for used computers and items:

Used computers and items are guaranteed for the duration as described on the website. Shipping is at your expense. When the PC or part is received, it will be diagnosed and the defective part will be repaired or replaced with the same or better quality item, depending on availability. Return shipping at our expense.

All items and computers :

Physical damage, viruses, Windows corruption and damage due to abnormal or abusive use or caused by the user are not covered. You will be charged for the labor if this is the case. EPG Computers is not responsible for any loss of data in case of hardware failure. Customers are responsible for their data backup.

Technical support is not included in the warranty, except in case of a defective part.