1. After adding your products to your cart and entering your shipping information, choose the "Paybright Financing" option and press "ORDER".

Complete PayBright's simple online application and receive an instant approval decision.

Would you like to be pre-approved before shopping?

  1. Open your Application for pre-approval.
  2. Complete the information by selecting the shop EPG Informatique (eCommerce).
  3. Receive maximum approval for all your purchases on our site in less than 30 seconds.
How do I make my monthly payments?

Payments will be made by automatic pre-authorized debits from your checking account or credit card.

How much can I spend with PayBright ?

PayBright financing is available on orders of 200 $ to 15,000 $.

What is PayBright's current interest rate?

Customers can obtain PayBright financing at an interest rate of 9.95 % and up to 19.95 %, depending on their creditworthiness.

How long does it take to receive my order ?

In general, computers are shipped in 5 to 10 business days. This includes the time to assemble the computer and the time of delivery.

If the delay is longer, it will be mentioned on the product page.

Who can apply for a PayBright installment plan?

PayBright payment plans are available to Canadian residents of the age of majority, either 18 or 19 depending on your province.

Can I use PayBright to pay for only part of a purchase?

PayBright financing is applied to your entire order.

However, you can add a discount coupon to your EPG account and use it to reduce the amount of your next order.

Can I pay my PayBright balance?

Yes, all PayBright installment plans can be prepaid at any time without penalty.

I was unable to complete a PayBright transaction. What happened?

Unfortunately, PayBright cannot offer installment plans to all applicants. This may be because of information on your credit report, or because PayBright was unable to verify your identity or payment method.
For more information, contact PayBright.

How do I access my PayBright account?

After completing a transaction with PayBright, you can access your account here. If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact PayBright.

*The amount of your monthly payment, the interest you will pay and the loan terms available depend on your personal credit profile and the amount financed. Monthly payments include a processing fee of up to 6.95 $. Certain conditions apply and all transactions must be approved by PayBright. Estimated monthly payment amount excludes taxes, shipping and other fees