How it works!

Receive maximum approval for all your purchases on our site within minutes.

Step 1

Submit your personal information by filling out the Apply for pre-approval here! .

Step 2

Get approved in minutes. Once you submit your application, an agent will contact you shortly to complete the application with you

Step 3

Choose the pc you want according to the amount approved! in our section of pc preconfigured here  or write us here! to get a custom made pc!

Step 4

Create your financing contract and sign it electronically, then we will work as quickly as possible to complete your order!

Payments will be made by automatic pre-authorized debits from your bank account

Iceberg Finance is available on orders between 1,000 and 7,500$ (taxes included).


Interest rates vary depending on your credit history. The minimum rate is 12.99% and the maximum rate is 31.99%. There are no administration fees surrounding your loan. 

In general, computers are shipped in 5 to 10 days. Time to assemble the computer and time of delivery included.

If the delay is longer, it will be mentioned on the product page.

Iceberg Finance is available to Canadian residents of majority age in the following provinces: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Iceberg Finance is applied to your entire order.

You can add a discount coupon to your EPG account and use it to reduce the amount of your next order.

This is an open loan, which you can repay at any time without penalty by calling 1-855-694-0960.

Unfortunately, Iceberg Finance cannot offer financing to all applicants. This may be because of information contained in your credit report, or because Iceberg Finance was unable to verify your identity.


For more information, contact Iceberg Finance at 1-855-694-0960.

For information regarding your loan please call 1-855-694-0960 or email for any questions.

*The amount of your monthly payment, the interest you will pay and the loan terms available depend on your personal credit profile and the amount financed. Monthly payments include a processing fee of up to 6.95 $. Certain conditions apply and all transactions must be approved by Iceberge Finance. Estimated monthly payment amount excludes taxes, shipping and other fees